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Learn How to Get More Patients
through Your Website

by Analyzing Patient Journeys

(This also helps you figure out whether your agency is doing what they should)

Ebook Glimpse of How to create a better website experience by analyzing patient journeys

Did you know that only 2.4% of website visitors
schedule a healthcare appointment online?

Here’s your problem:

Despite spending big bucks on hiring an agency for website design, content creation, and digital marketing efforts, potential patients leave your website without scheduling an appointment.The reason - they can't find what they're looking for, quickly.

The result?
No growth in your patient numbers.

So, you’re not just wasting money but also valuable time and effort on marketing campaigns that don’t deliver tangible results.

Every dollar spent 🟰 uncertain returns ➕ diminishing hopes of attracting new patients

There is a solution!

Our free ebook, ‘How to Create a Better Website Experience by Analyzing Patient Journeys’, provides a comprehensive roadmap to transform your healthcare website into a powerful patient acquisition tool.

How does this help?

You reclaim your time and efforts to optimize your website and guide your potential patients seamlessly, from initial visit to appointment.You can start seeing results in just 30 days (without running behind agencies)!

With this Free Ebook, You’ll:

Understand the patient journey & identify friction points on your website using free tools

Implement actionable insights to improve website navigation & patient experience

Maximize appointment bookings & grow
your patient base

Swapnil Patni - The Author of this Ebook

Why Should You Take My Advice?

Hi there! I’m Swapnil, the Executive Vice President at 314e Corporation.With extensive experience in product management, engineering, and operations in the marketing technology sector, I offer a unique perspective. My results-oriented approach and successful track record stem from collaborating with marketers from over 300 companies.I'm also the force behind Practifly, our innovative healthcare marketing platform, combining a website CMS with marketing-tailored services for online success. With website design and patient journey analysis expertise, we're your ideal healthcare marketing partner.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 1 video lesson with step-by-step instructions to analyze patient journeys

  • An easy-to-follow keyword research guide to identify why patients visit your website in the first place (tool recommendations included!)

  • A basic map of pages and elements to have on your healthcare website for easier navigation

  • Actionable strategies to figure out your patient personas and their respective stages in the patient journey

  • Tactics to improve your web pages based on each patient journey stage, so that every website visitor is guided to click on your ‘Schedule an appointment’ or ‘Contact us’ button

  • Real-world examples to transform your website into a patient conversion machine

  • How-to’s for addressing common disruptions in the patient journey in just 30 days, so you can be in Google’s good books

⭐️ Bonus: FREE website audit to assess your current patient journey and provide personalized recommendations for improvement.

P.S. Don't let one more potential patient leave your website without scheduling an appointment. Download your free copy of the ebook now - the first 30 people to download, get a FREE 30-minute consultation. So hurry!